INCO held an event to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles at the Agios Nikolaos Marina BBQ Area


On Sunday, May 7th, The Cultural Association of Foreigners in Lassithi (INCO) held its Coronation Big Lunch Event at the Marina, Agios Nikolaos to celebrate the coronation of the new British monarch, King Charles III.

Organised by INCO Treasurer, David Raza & his wife Leanne, the event was a great success and was attended by over 40 INCO members and their families, as well as distinguished guests, including the British Vice Consul Aristea Chourdaki, the Mayor of Agios Nikolaos Mr. Antonis Zervos, Deputy Mayor Haris Alexakis and the Director of Agios Nikolaos Marina, Michalis Garefalakis..


Attendees enjoyed a variety of BBQ food and dishes, all prepared by the members of INCO with help from Giannis Pangalos (Fos & Hxos) who was simply providing some audio-visual equipment for the event but remained all day to help with the cooking!


One of the event’s highlights was a raffle, which raised an impressive 200 euros to be donated to the Agios Nikolaos social grocery. INCO is proud to contribute to this important cause and support those who are struggling in our community.

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We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and helped make this event a resounding success. We look forward to organizing more events in the future that bring the local community together and continue to support those in need.

INCO – Cultural Association of Foreigners in Lassithi

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